My name is Elizabeth Petrucelli and I am a Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth & Bereavement Doula, Parenting Instructor and author. I been assisting families as a doula since November 2004 and have training in optimal fetal positioning, visualization, advanced aromatherapy, perinatal loss and miscarriage support, and chiropractic care during pregnancy. I have experience supporting medicated, un-medicated, c- section births, high-risk, twin, VBAC, home birth, induction, fatal diagnosis, adoption, teen pregnancies, miscarriage, and stillbirth. In the past, I have been staff doula with Rose Hospital and with a midwifery group at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I am also a Love and Logic Facilitator for Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun. I have been teaching Love and Logic since 2006 and use Love and Logic in my own home. I find the techniques with Love and Logic are easy to incorporate and highly effective. I enjoy watching parents grow in their knowledge of parenting, especially their excitement as they learn new techniques and become happier, healthier parents.

Mission and Philosophy

Each mom creates the birth she desires whether it is medicated or non-medicated. I help educate you so that you understand the risks and benefits of the procedures that may take place during the birthing process, in order for you to choose the options that fit into your ideal birth plan. I am like your trail guide, helping you navigate the many paths your birthing journey may take you.

Why I do this work

I am the mother of three living children (2 of my children died during pregnancy). I have been married for over 22 years to a wonderful and supportive husband. I struggled with infertility for over 22 years and I am sensitive to couples who have struggled in this arena as well. I have had two, very different birth experiences. I was unaware of doulas for my first birth and generally accepted all the advice my medical provider gave me. I experienced emotional trauma during my first birth which drove me to a new level personally and I became a doula and childbirth educator. As my first son grew, he inspired me to become a parenting instructor because I wanted to be the best parent I could be.

My Births

My 1st labor was very rapid. It was just my husband and I and we were scared and didn’t know if what was happening was normal. Labor began with my water breaking. The contractions had no rhythm and seemed to never stop. I requested medication 3 hours after my water broke and an hour later, my son was born.

With my 2nd labor, it also began with my water breaking but I had absolutely no contractions. I waited patiently at home for my contractions to begin and after several hours, they began to pick up. They had a rhythm and were manageable. I also had a doula present and labored naturally but after six hours, with contractions two minutes apart and no progression, I opted for an epidural. I made an assumption my labor would progress as quickly as it did with my first, however it didn’t. After 18 hours of labor, my second son was born. This was by far the most amazing experience of my life despite the interventions I chose. My husband caught our son and handed him to me. Our oldest son cut the umbilical cord. We had two hours of uninterrupted skin-to-skin time and we were able to delay cord-clamping. The experience was very intimate with just me, my husband, son, and our doula.

>My 3rd child was born following an induction due to geriatric pregnancy. I loved my induction and only request was that my water not be broken. I wanted to labor with my water intact as I had heard that contractions feel better when the water is intact. Guess what? They do! My induction was a pitocin induction. I was 3cm when I began my induction and after 10 hours on pitocin with no change and very manageable contractions; I opted to have my water broken. 

Shortly after my water was broken, contractions became painful. I requested an epidural but things were progressing so quickly I could not get relief. I began pushing uncontrollably but I was only 4cm. As I as pushing my cervix was opening. After only 15 minutes of pushing, my 3rd child was born!